About Us

Hayagreeva Imports & Exports is a professionally driven Organization having Interest in Coal, Fly Ash & Granites. With significant & efficient supply chain arrangements, Hayagreeva can cater to variety of needs of Customers. With its offices at Hubli and Mysore in India and associates in Kaulalumpur, Hanoi, Singapore & Jakarta, Hayagreeva brings-in global connect and an absolute professionalism in its business.


Hayagreeva has strong and strategic tie-ups with Three Leading Coal Mining Companies in Indonesia, for Import of STEAM COAL, with a significant Quality assessment associate network in Malaysia & Indonesia, thus bringing-in High reliability in Quality and consistent On-time deliveries. Eventually Hayagreeva ensures Customer meeting the Buyer, once the contract is signed & LC opened, thus eliminating all intermediatery so that Customer gets the best deal In terms of Quality Coal at reasonable prices.
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Fly Ash

Hayagreeva is considerably in to export of Quality Fly Ash as per ASTM standards and Supplies to various SEA/ Middle East countries, apart from Philippines etc. Having supply Partnership arrangements, Hayagreeva can cater to large Quantities based on customer demand.
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Agricultural Produce

Having situated in the Agricultural heat of Karnataka, Hayagreeva, boasts of associates supporting with more than 600 acres of Fertile land having Water & Power facility. High Quality Yellow Maize is grown in this part of the country and Hayagreeva can offer High Protein Maize specially grown for Animal feed and human consumption.
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Our products have always been praised by the customers from time to time as we give importance to both luxury as well as looks. We believe that it is important to comprehend properly the needs of the customers as it is a key to their satisfaction. With the changing trend and taste, We as a company also makes necessary changes in our material and design, so that we can fulfill the changing demands of the customers. We have an in-house quality testing unit that is installed with advanced testing equipment, ensuring the delivery of quality approved products. We have achieved a numerous position in the industry..
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